Thursday, 31 March 2011

37% through Dracula by Stoker, Bram on Kindle for Android!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Link of the Week

This tickled me, with two little people at home learning the English language a certain amount of guessing of spellings goes on, I can only image the random collection of letters that spawned the thought in the head of the owner of


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blogging from a smartphone.

How easy is it?
Well, its easy enough, but damn is it slow. Which tard put the "," on a different tab to the text on android?
Next, a picture:
Well, I've taken a if of fat bloke ... can't figure out where in the text it comes.
Ok, test publish, lets see what happens.

I've left all the spelling mistakes and layout above as is from the phone to get an idea of what its like.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Xbox Live - Loyalty bonus! 40% off.

Got the renewal for my xbox live through a couple of days back, and thought i'd spend a moment at lunch sorting it out. Theres a couple of options to pay Microsoft for something Sony give you for free, the first is 12 month cards from most retailers, Tesco,, Amazon  all want about £35. The second options if direct from MS and cut out the middle-man and for only £5 more.... go figure.  Anyway being the lazy sod i am i had subscribed direct, paying the extra because I was to bone idle to order from and then wait for the card to arrive, however with they way money is at the moment prudence overcame lazynes...

First job, cancel the the auto year on year renewal, which you cant do online, there should be some sort of law that says if you can subscribe to something online, you should be able to cancel it online (i.e. avoid the sales pitch and them trying to stop you doing what you intended). So I phoned MS got through to an Irish chap with minimal hold music and explained what I wanted, he starts clicking away and then says "Can I ask why?" at first i thought I'd give him the "Its free from Sony" but I stuck with the honest reply "Its cheaper to buy it from" ... "oh right" he says, "would you be interested in getting it from us if i could beat plays price?" and that apparently is how it is, just like Car Insurance, AA Cover and Sky subscriptions Microsft and Xbox live are up for a bit of "Negotiation".

"Youve been with us a while and you build up a loyalty bonus" he continued "Which means you're entitled to 40% discount, so thats £23.98, do you want to stay on at that price?" and so I did.

Its worth remembering in these days of non tangible goods... if they can get anything out of you at all its worth more to them than you buggering off to a competitor.

So anyone else renewing....0800 587 1102 give em a bell.

Friday, 25 March 2011

And so it begins

Blogging eh?

Well it had to happen.

I'd never facebook but I did, I was in at the beginning of Tweets so we'll skip over that one, I was certinaly never going to be one of those people that had a photo collection online (its here btw : Makes you wonder whats next.

So whats it all about then? I'm sure its going to be a mishmash of all the things that make up my day to day existence, from messing with cars to programming, and everything in between.