Thursday, 7 August 2014

WiFi and Windows Server 2012

I'd tried 3 different Wi-Fi devices with my Windows Server 2012 before it clicked that they couldn't all not work. USB pens, PCI-E cards and the like.

So for those of you banging your heads against a wall wondering, why if the device is detected OK, the drivers are installed OK and everything appears fine, you cant find the page to connect to Wi-Fi networks under Windows Server 2012...its because its not installed!


At no point does the O/S pop up and go "This functionality is not installed" it just sits there blankly (listing the networks for the Ethernet card if you've got one).

So if you want WiFi on Windows Server 2012:

1)Launch Server Manager
2)Manage/Add Roles and Features
3)Select Features from the left hand side (You may have to click Server Roles first, weird interface).
4)Tick and install Wireless Lan Service

Hopefully this will help a few others avoid the desk munching I've been doing.

So I can confirm the TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 works fine under Winblows Server 2012.