Saturday, 8 November 2014

Jaguar XJ6 Floor Rot cut & Weld

Yay, a dry day.

Put the Jag back on its wheels and used Nigel to drag it out of the Puddle it was sat in. Did you know Clio 182's don't have rear towing eyes? No? Me neither till I couldn't find one! Gah. They do have bits to tie stuff down in the boot, plenty good enough!

Cut out and tacked in the plates that would form the floor:


Ill weld them in place from underneath as that's were I need to stop the water getting in.

Inner sill still needs cutting straight and extending to meet the new floor:


Cut the rot out from the outer sill


At which point this happened:

The welder had a total fit, couldn't get a decent weld for love nor money, god knows, it was like welding without gas spattery crap. Hmmmm. Tomorrow I'll clean the tip up and see if I cant get bloody thing working right again.

Anyway, progress of a sort. Might even drive it soon.

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