Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jaguar XJ6 - Broken Wheel Nut

Well that was a hard mornings work, (not that my usual job driving a desk is that easy, honest!) 2 hours to remove the knackered wheel nut. The bitey sockets TM were not deep enough for a wheel nut, so it was drill and chisel time.

2 Hours & 5 Drill bits later:

Had to drill down either side of the nut and knicked the alloy.

Hopefully thats not enough damage to lead to a crack, because the wheel itself is in fairly good nick.

Might get away with this, but probly best off with a replacement:

So its off and now I can get to this bit:

But the sky did this:

So I ran away.

Lets hope Sunday after the GP is dry and I can crack on.

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