Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jaguar XJ6 Tidy Up

Ok, so its not actually as bad as all that.

Car up bumper and OSF wing off and ready to go:

The front bumper mounts are a bit of a mess, but easily replaceable


Slight issue, cant get the fecking wheels off, 1 of the wheel nuts has snapped in half, the bit with the flats came off leaving the rest glommed on to the stud. Need some of those bighty sockets (im sure they have a proper name).

More crusty


Took these before I went at it with the grinder, what I found was a pretty horrible garage repair. Plates welded over rusty metal, covered in 15mm of under seal, never ceases to amaze me how shitty some of these repairs can be.

Was planning to crack on today, but i have manflu, joy. BTCC it is then

So it was pretty much a typical garage repair job.

"Theres a hole in my car mr garage"

"ok sir, what we'll do is slap a plate over it without cutting away any rusty metal and then cover it in an inch of underseal, that way it will look ok but continue to rot from the inside out".


The earth post for the ecu was a bit close to some scabby bits, will have to weld a bolt on on possibly the same piece when the replacement patch goes in.

Cant get close enough with the angle grinder to clean the bottom edge up, a set of damaged nut removal sockets is on the way to get the wheel off, once its clean more may need to be cut away.

The Results of my digging:

Garage patch goes half the way along the floor against the sill, at first I thought the car had a double skinned floor before I worked out what the mongrels had done.

And a big pile of rusty crap:

Joy, well things are progressing at least.

Rather amusingly when I pulled the ECU out (as it was close to where I need to weld), it had "xj sport, good, £45" painted on it, if i had to guess id say the monkies had welded up the patch from the outside, without even taking the carpet up or disconnecting the battery and fried the original ECU in the process.

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