Sunday, 5 October 2014

Jaguar XJ6 Tidy Up

Yay the rain stopped long enough to give the car a click wash (not a clean, just washing off the dirt to see what's what.

After the kids christening the last car Nigel my wife has got in on the act, meet "Rupert" bunch of clowns the lot of them.

The wheels clean up well although one is missing a center cap and one is a little more scabby than this:

Door kick plate missing on the passenger side and a disturbing coloured carpet

The headlining has sagged and there is what looks like egg yolk... I'm not doing a top gear CSI because i dont want to know what it really is, to me its egg yolk

I'm sure I had a PC this colour back in the 80's.

Drivers bolster needs some attention

Shock top, bush has mostly gone:

The business end:

With what looks like some weeping under the cam covers, hopefully that's what the seller was talking about.

The cable to the kickdown seems very loose but it worked ok on the way home, investigation needed.

And the strange square block off the air intake must be some sort of resonance chamber, it doesn't lead anywhere.

Slam panel needs a little love:

Maybe its not a slam panel as the bonnet opens the other way :/

And Jaguar had movable Aero years before the Ferrari 458

But the air filter was new, the engine & transmission oil nice and fresh, coolant and squirters all topped up.

Paintwork and rusty bits.



And my jobs and parts list:

Time to hit eBay.

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